In this post we take a look at what to eat and drink in order to be in peak condition for a match. 

The objectives of pre-match nutrition are to maintain sufficient levels of hydration, blood glucose and amino acids. 

Pre Match Nutrition Guide


Injuries are an inescapable aspect of football at any level, with recent evidence suggesting that half of all injuries are severe enough to result in three or more weeks of missed training and matches. Muscle and tendon injuries of the lower extremities are the most common injury type in professional players.

Nutrition for Recovery


Football is a high-intensity sport and requires endurance to be able to play for the whole 90 minutes while maintaining skill levels and the ability to perform multiple sprints to beat your man, get up and down the touchline or work box to box in the middle of the field. Analysis of football shows that most mistakes are made towards the end of the game, as well as less distance being covered and fewer sprints made.

How to Fuel Your Game